Barunei Institute of Engineering & Technology(BIET),At-Kadalibari,Po-Daleiput,Dist-Khurda,Pin-752055

Details of LABs & Major Equipments

1.Computer Lab:
No of P.C (1:2; PC student) 90 for 180 & 60 for 120 students
Internet connection- 50% of terminals
No of Printers (1:10 ratio) – 6 printers
Licenced softwares – Min 2 system & 4 Appl. S/W as per syllabus.
Hard ware (P4 Processor ) 60 to 90 nos.

Comp. Table (Dual Desk) – 45 & 30 nos.
2.Chemistry Lab:
Demonstration table with drawers gas tap water tap & sink-1
Black board- 1
Students working table filter with regant shelf, Gas tops, Water tap & Sink, Waste Box, Drawers-5
Slide shelves
Frame cupboard with gas taps, water taps, sink, chmney, exhaust fan.
Exhaust fan
Chemical balance.-2
Fire Extinguishers.-5
First Aid Box -2

Common Apparatus

Testtubes (1x5cm, 2x7.5cm-20-25ml)- 12
Boiling tube (2.5 x 15.20cm, 30-50ml.)-12
Funnel (5-7 cm Dia)
Funnel stand-5
Measuring cylinder of 10ml, 25ml,50ml,100ml, & 150ml each-5
Testtube holders- 5
Test tube stand-5
Pair of tongs-5
Tripod stand-5
Flasks (round, flat, bottom & conical)-5
Iron stand-5
Wire gauze.-5
Triangular file-5
Cork borer (set of 6)-1
Gas jars-5
Glass rod -5
Passing tube (6” long)-5
Reogent bottle
Pestleand motor
Cork Presser. (wheel)-1
Water buth-5
China dish-5
Test tube brush -5
Watch glass-5
Spathla -2
Eudiometer tube- 5
Kipps Apparatus-3
Water condensor-3
Beehive shelf-3
Burrete (cap 50ml, Div0.1 ml.)-5
Pippette (10,20,25)-5
Wash bottle (Glass, Polythene)-5
Bunsel Burner-5
Weight box-5
P.H. meter Direct method (Digital)-2
P.H. meter by colour comparision- 2

LAB Reagents

Conc/ Dilute Acids.

Hydrocloric Acid.
Sulphuric Acid.
Nitric Acid.
Acetic Acid.

Dilute Solutions of bases

Sodium Hydroxide
Potassium Hydroxide.
Calcium Hydroxide.
Ammonium Hydroxide.
Lime water.

Sollution other Reagent

Cobolt Nitrate
Methyl Orange
Nesslers Reagent
Borium Chloride
Yellow Ammonium Sulphate
Stannous Chloride
Sturch iodide solution
Pottassium iodide
Potassium Pyroentimonate
Ammonium Thiocyanate
Pottassium Chromite
Potassium Ferri cyanide
Ferric chloride
Mercuric Chloride
Ammonium Sulphate
Lead Acetate
Bromine Water
Potassium Purountimonate
3.Physics Lab:
Slide Caliper-5
Standard Scale-5
Screw guage-5
Standard guage-5
Standard Scale-5
Base Plate-5
Physical Balance-5
Glass beaker-5
Prisim -5
Drawing Board-5
Drawing Sheet-5
Four hair pins-5
Four fixing pins-5
A Bar Magnet-5
Compass needle-5
Sheet of plane paper-5
Simple pendulum-5
Metre scale-5
Wooden stand-5
Stop watch 5
Vernier Calipers-5
Voltmeter (0.5x0.1)/ (0.2x0.1)-5
Ameter (0.2Ax0.1) or (0.1Ax0.1)-5
Rheostat 10ohm/2Amp-5
Plug Key-5
Battery elliminator6V/2V/cell-5
A piece of wire of 50cmlength/2ohm resistor- 5
A wooden box.-5
Spring Balance-5
Weight box-5
Friction table with pully- 5
Metre bridge- 5
Leclanhe cell- 5
Jo Key- 5
Resistance boxes- 5
Two resistance wires- 5
Connecting wires- 5
A resonance tube- 5
A tell Cylindrical Jar- 5
Tuning fork-5
Rubber pad-5
Meter scale-5
Slide caliper- 5
Index rod- 5
Convex lens-5
Plane mirror- 5
Vertical stand- 5
Wooden scale- 5
Plumb line -5
Potentio meter- 5
Demonstration table- 1
Working table for students with drawers- 5
Almirah with glass doors for keeping small equipments-5

Shelfs for keeping reference pratical books/ models/ jobs.- 3
4.E.T&C (2 nos.):Communication Engineering Laboratory

Active filter (LPF +HPF) AB51- 1
DSB/SSB Transmitter ST 2201- 1

DSB/ SSB Receiver ST2202- 1

FM Modulation / Demodulation Trainer ST2203- 1
Transmission line trainer ST2266- 1
Telephone Trainer ST2654- 1
EPABX Trainer-1

Radio Receiver Trainer – 1
5. ElectricalLab (2 nos.):Electrical Machine Laboratory - I

Earth Tester- 1
Power Measurement by two Wattmeter Method Model: NV7005- 1
RLC Resonance Trainer Model: NV7009 – 1
DC Machine Lab II Model: NV7008-1

DC Supply Model : NV725- 1

Speed control of DC motor by field current control and armature voltage control speed control by ward leonard method Model: NV7036- 1
Swinburn’s Test of DC Machine Model: NV7034-1
Single phase Transformer Lab Model: NV7004- 1
Parallel Operation of Two single phase transformers Model: NV7012 – 1
Three phase doublewound transformer, Air cooled enclosed Primary Voltage: 415V Secondary Voltage: 110V-1
DC Machine Lab II Model: NV7008 - 1

DC Supply Model : NV725 – 1

DC Series Motor Lab Model:NV7014 – 1

DC Supply Model : NV725 – 1
Electrical Machine Laboratory – IV

DC Machine Lab-I – NV7007 – 1
DC Supply NV725 – 1
DC Machine Lab – II NV7008 – 1
DC Series Motor lab NV7014 – 1
DC Supply NV725 – 1
3 Point Starter – 1
4 Point Starter – 1
DC Machine Lab – II NV7008
DC Supply NV725 – 1
Three phase Induction Motor Trainer NV7006 – 1
Three Phase Lab NV7001 – 1
Single Phase Transformer 1KVA with output terminals – 1
Single Phase Transformer Lab NV7004 – 1

Switch Board Assembly – 1
Rule steel 15cm with metric graduations-8
Square try 10cm blade-8
Caliper outside 15cm spring- 8
Caliper inside 15cm. spring-8
Caliper 15cm hermaphrodite-8
Divider 15 cm spring-8
Scriber 15 cm-8
Punch center 10cm-8
Screw driver 15 cm-8
Chisel cold 10-8
Hammer ball pein 0.45Kg with handle-8
Hammer ball pein 0.2245kg with handle-8
File flat 25 cm second cut-8
File flat 25cm smooth-8
File half round second cut 15cm.
Hacksaw frame adjustable 17-30cm.
Safety goggles-8
Dot slot punch-8
Rule sheet 30cm to read metric-4
Rule sheet 60cm.-4
Straight edge 45 cm steel-2
Flat surface 45cm x45 cm-2
Marking table 91x91x122cm-1
Universal scribing block 22cm.-2
Block –veepair 7cm and 15 cm with clamps-2
Square adjustable 15cm blade.-2
Angle plate 10x20 cm.-2
Level script 15cm metal-1
Punch letter 3mm set-1
Punch number set 3mm-1
Punch hollow 6mm to 19set of 5 – 2
Punch round 3mm x 4mm set of 2 – 2
Portable hand drill (electric) 0 to 6 mm.-2
Drill twist S/S 1.5 to 12mmby 0.5 MM- 1
Taps and dies complete set in box with B.A-1
Taps and dies complete set in box (3 to 18mm) set of 10 – 1
File warding 15cm smooth-4
File knife edge 15 cm smooth-4
File triangular15 cm smooth-2
File round 20 cm second cut-8
File cut saw 15cm smooth-4
File square 15 cm second cut-4
File square 25 cm second cut-4
Feeler gauge 10 blade-1
File triangular 20cm second cut-8
File flat 30cm second cut-8
File flat 20cm bastard-8
F flat 30cm bastard-8
File Swiss type needle set of 12- 2set
File half round 25cm second cut – 8
File half round 25 cm bastard-4
File round 30cm bastard-4
File hand 15 cm second cut- 8
Card file-8
Stone oil 15cm x5cm x2.5cm- 4
Can oil 0.25 liters-2
Pillers combinations 15cm- 2
Iron soldering 350gm.-2
Lamp blow 0.55 liters-2
Spanner whit-worth D>E>6mm to 25mm set of -8
Spanner adjustable 15cm-8
Interchangeble ratchet soceck set with a 12mm driver sized 10-32 mm set of 18 socket and attachment- 1
Box spanner set in 6-25 mm set of 8 with Tommy bar- 1
Glass magnifying 7cm.-2
Clamp tool maker 5cm and 7.5 cm set of 2- 2
Clamp TM 5 cm- 2
Clamp M 10 cm-2
Hand reamer adjustable max 9mm, 12m18mm set of 3 - 1
Hand reamer taper 4-9 mm set of 6 014-7mm set of 4 – 1
Reamer Parallel 12mm to 16mm set of 5 – 1
Scraper flat 15cm-8
Scraper 3 corner 15 cm- 8
Scraper half round 15 cm.-8
Chisel cold 9mm cross cut 9 mm diamond- 8 each
Chissel cold 19 mm flat-8
Chissel cold 9mm round nose- 8
Extract stud EZY- out – 2
Set combination 30cm! -2
Micrometer 0-2.5cm outside- 3
Micrometer 25-50cm outside- 3
Micrometer 50-25cm outside- 4
Micrometer 50-75 cm outside- 2
Micrometer inside 25mm to 5U mm with 25mm test Pcs.-1
Vernier caliper 20cm-1
Vernier height gage 30 cm-1
Vernier level protractor- 1
Rewpitchguage -1
Wire guage, metricstandard-1
Drill twist T/S6 mm to 25mm x 1.5mm- 1set
Drill chuck 12mm- 1
Pipe wrench 40cm-1
Pipe vice no.4-2
Adjustable pipe dies tap set BSP with dies set cover pipe size 15,20,25,32,38,50mm
Wheel dresser (one for 4 units)-1
Machine vice 10 cm.-1
Machine Vice 15 cm- 1
Sleever drill morse 0-1,1-2,2-3 -1 set
Vice bench 12cm jaw-16
Vice leg 10 cm-jaw – 2
Instructor table -1
Instructor chair -1
Fire bucket -2
Wing compass 25.4 cm or 30cm-2.
Hand hammer 1kg with handle-2
Black board with easel- 1

Welding Section

Welding transformer set 300 ampscontinuous welding current with all accessories and electrode holder-2 set
Welding cable to carry 400 amps with flexible rubber cover- 50m
Lugs foe cable-12 nos
Earth clamp- 2 nos.
Arc welding table (all metal top) 122cm x12cm x 60cm with positional- 1 nos.
Oxy acetylene gas welding set equipment with h’bses, re9ulator and other accessories—2 set
Gas welding table with positioned- 1 no.
Welding torch tips of different sizes- 1set.
Gas lighter- 6 nos.
Trolley for gas cylinder- 1 no.
Chipping hammer.
Leather gloves-2 pairs.
Leather apron – 2 nos.
Welding torches 5 to 10 nozzles- 1 set
Welding googles- 4 pairs.

Tip cleaner – 10 Sets.
7.Mechanical Engg. Lab.:Mecahnical Engg. Lab.
Hydraulic Lab.

Bourdon type pressure guage with Manometer for Callibration of Pressure guage.


Calibration of Venturimeters & Orificemeters.
Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus.
Flow through Orifice Apparatus, Cd, Cv, Cc.
Constant Speed centrifugal pump test RIG.
Pelton wheel turbine test RIG.
Francis turbine test RIG.
Kaplan turbine test RIG.

Machine Dynamics Lab.

Cut section model of actual single cylinder two stroke petrol engine for plotting port timing diagram.
Cut section model of actual single cylinder four stroke petrol engine for plotting valve timing diagram.
Cut section model of actual single cylinder four stroke diesel engine for plotting valve timing diagram.
Cam analysis apparatus.
Motorised gyroscope.
Screw jack.
Winch crab.
Boiler models.

Strain guage
8.Civil Engineering Lab:
Equipment list of Survey Lab.

Chain Survey

20 m. Chain- 10 Nos.
Arrows- 60 Nos
Optical square – 10 Nos.
Ranging rods- 30 Nos
Off Set Rod- 10 Nos
100 m Tape- 10 Nos.
Cross Staff- 5 Nos.

Compass Survey

Prismatic Compass with Stand- 10 Nos.
Surveyor’s Campus- 5 Nos.

Plate Table

Plane Table with stand & accessories - 10 Sets
Dumpy level with stand – 10 Nos.
Metric staff – 10 Nos.
20” Theodo lite with Stand – 6 Nos.
Soil Mechanics Laboratory
I.S Sieves- two Sets
Electronics balance- 2 Nos.
Liquid limit device apparatus – 5 Sets.
Mercury – 10 Kg.
Cylindrical Mould- 4 Nos.
Metal hammers – 4 Nos.
Txial Test apprials – 2 Sets.
C.B.R. Test apparatus – 1 Set.
North Dakota Core Test apparatus – 1 Set.
Pipette – 2 Nos.
Transportation Engineering Laboratory.
Aggregate Crushing strength apparatus – 1 Set.
Los Angeles Abrasion Test apparatus – 1 Set.
Aggregate impact test Machine – 1 Set.
Penetro Meter- 1 Set.
Softing point test apparatus- 1 Set.
Tar Viscometer – 1 Set.
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
P.H. value determine tic apparatus – 2 Sets.
Jacksaw Turbity meter- 1 Set.

Foculater – 1 Set.
9.Basic Electrical Lab.:
Rule wooden 4 fold 60mm-8
Plier insulated 150mm- 17
Plier side cutting 150mm – 17
Screw drive 100mm- 17
Neon tester – 17
Rule steel 300 mm- 17
Hammer cross peen 115 grams with handle- 17
Gimlet 6 mm- 17
Bradwal- 17
Scriber 150mm x 04mm (Knurled centre pposition)
Pincer 150mm- 8
Punch centre150mmx 9mm- 17
Electrician Screw driver 250mm thin stem insulated handle- 17
Saw tenon 250mm -17

Rule steel 300mm -17
10.Basic Electronics Lab:Hand Tools

Combination plier 15cms insulated- 16
Long nose insulated plier 15 ems-16
Diagonal cutter 15cm insulated 15 cms-16
Tweezers 10cms insulated- 16
Heat sink plier -8
Neon glow tester-16
Knief electrician -16
Wire stripper – 8 set
Allen key – 1set
Watch maker screw – 8
I.C. tweezer / Puller- 16
Screw driver set of 6- 8

Knob screw driver insulated – 10ems- 16