Barunei Institute of Engineering & Technology(BIET),At-Kadalibari,Po-Daleiput,Dist-Khurda,Pin-752055

Computer LAB

The air conditioned computer laboratory is fully networked with its required softwares as needed . The Internet facilities are provided to the students to know the World -Wide Web (WWW) and gaining knowledge on different issues in regular basis.The Internet connection is provided by TULIP through its 512kbps leased line to access data in faster manner and shows the differences how to work in the corporate firms with speed, accuracy and quality. The institute has well equipped computer laboratory with windows N.T based network supporting open ended systems.Latest Pentium4 systems are available.V.S.A.T linkage has been in the pipeline for extending communication to the scientific programmes.The Institution has reguisite application and system softwares with Anti-Virus package as per need of lab.

1.No of Computer terminal:PIV, 2.4 GHz, 40 GB HDD, 512MB RAM:Availability:40
2.No of Terminals of LAN/WAN:PIV, 2.4 GHz, 40 GB HDD, 512MB RAM:Availability:40
4.Internet Accessibility in kbps:2 MBPS:Availability:2 MBPS Leased Line from BSNL and 2 Mbps Broadband from BSNL

The mission of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is to enhance and maintain an environment of educational excellence in the computing disciplines, that offers:

Exceptional growth experiences for students, faculty, and staff, motivating and empowering them by providing sufficient breadth to facilitate life-long learning and professional success.

An opportunity to acquire a value system that will enable the students to make sound decisions regarding the many ethical issues that confront computer professionals in the work place and society at large.
Network and Operating Systems Lab - Study of System Level calls of a multitasking OS, Interprocess Communication, Shared Memory, Messages, Semaphores, Monitors, Study of Communication Protocols, Client Server Programming, Distributed Algorithms.

Computer Graphics Lab - Implementing Line, Circle, Ellipse drawing algorithms, Polygon Filling and Seed Filling algorithm, Line clipping and Polygon clipping methods, 2D Transformation, Generating Bezier and B-Spline curves, Hidden Surface Elimination, Shading methods, Animation Methods, Open GL Programming.
Data Structures Lab- Sorting and Searching, Implementation of Linked List, Arrays, Stacks, Queues, Trees ,Graphs in a suitable programming languages.

Internet Lab
The Campus gets connected to the World Wide Web through a High speed 24/27, 2Mbps, and leased line from BSNL. The facility is supported by a backbone of CISCO routers 2811-HSEC/K9 series, CISCO Soho series, RAD ASM Modem, Dlink Gigagibit Layer3 switches and Layer2 switches. 32 Public IP addresses are allotted by BSNL. The connection is distributed through the campus network to an intranet connecting various laboratories and subnets inside each lab, departments, workshops, library, office as well as each class rooms.